Method & Design

  • All fabric materials are cut using a pre sharpened tempered Die on a 100 ton Walker Press. This process insures that every piece is consistent and accurate in size. This process also eliminates all fraying effects of the material.

  • Zippers are fastened and positioned on the product at the bottom or at the top depending which way it is worn or placed on a chair. This position of the zipper will not interfere or scratch furniture, skin or clothes.

  • Labels are fully stitched all around to insure that the label will not get caught and get torn off making the product safer to use.

  • All stitching and sewing is performed on an Industrial Brother DB2-b705-503 sewing machine. We also use a 100% Polycore Polyester thread for strength and durability.

  • The foam in our Lumbar Rolls, Lumbar Supports, Full Back Supports, Rucken Mini Rolls, and Rucken Half Rolls, are wrapped in plastic to prevent oxidation and gives the foam a much longer life.

  • Clients are given a wide choice of fabric to choose from. This gives the product a less "Institutional" look and a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

  • All of Rucken Industries' products are available with a Velcro fastening closure, or an ABS Plastic Side Release Buckle attached to our 25 cm. wide elastic.

  • All our products are thoroughly inspected for any faults or defects.