Sleeping Roll

This product has many applications but is designed specifically for wrapping and tying around the lumbar region when lying down or sleeping. This product adds constant support to the waist and lumbar while sleeping, even when lying on your side. It is available in two (2) lengths, a 44" (in.) for large people and a 34" (in.) for smaller people. The Sleeping Roll is 3.75" (in.) in diameter with a 45-degree angle cut at each end. The foam is wrapped in 100 % cotton broadcloth with a strong 1/2 " in. strap attached at each end. Then the whole sleeping roll is inserted in the outer tube made of 65 % polyester and 35 % cotton with draw string closure at each end, making the outer tube very easy to remove for washing. The foam used is a Vita Ultracell Polyurethane foam designed to add perfect comfort and support to the lumbar and side area of the back all night while sleeping.